Eastwood Village Medical Practice – Better Psychological and Mental Health With our Eastwood Psychologist

When you’re going through a difficult time in your life, sometimes you need more than the support of family and friends. You need a professional partner who will work beside you, one who can give you advice based on years of experience and learning. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from our Eastwood psychologist.

In a safe environment, you’ll learn tried and true strategies for improving your psychological and mental health, your relationships, and your lifestyle. And with that type of help, you’ll be able to create a better and healthier life day by day.


Eastwood Village Medical Practice – Better Health & Nutrition with a Dietitian in Eastwood

Excess weight is a major concern both on a national and individual level. It is often difficult for people to break the habits that lead to excess weight without the right kind of help and support. This can lead to some very serious health issues including:

 ● Low self-esteem
● Malnutrition
● Heart disease
● High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol levels
  • Chronic diseases such as type II diabetes
  • Insulin resistance
All these diseases can severely affect your quality of life! Dietitians have accredited training in Nutrition and can help you translate scientific information about health and nutrition into practical instruction about healthy eating, and create a structured and controlled meal plan to help you manage your condition.

About our Dietitian and Nutritionist in Eastwood

Angela Hsiao

APD, CDE Dietitian, Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from Sydney University
Credentialed Diabetes Educator – University Technology Sydney (UTS)


Angela Hsiao has been a practising Dietitian for more than 15 years and has been a diabetes educator since 2008. She has extensive experience gained while working in Taiwan as a University Educator in Nutrition and working at large teaching hospitals. Since migrating to Australia 10 years ago, she has been in private practice offering her broad knowledge and experience in Nutrition to the Eastwood community.

Angela specialises in Diabetes and is a credentialed Diabetes Educator UTS. As a Diabetes Educator, she assists people who have Type 1, Type 2 and gestational Diabetes or who are at risk of diabetes. She provides them and their families and carers the information, knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence they need to manage their condition, including lifestyle changes, monitoring blood sugar levels (BSL), glycaemic targets, hypoglycaemia management and insulin injection techniques which are crucial skills for diabetes self management.

Angela is also experienced in giving specialised dietary and nutritional advice to patients with acute and chronic problems. These include patients with liver problems (e.g. fatty liver, hepatitis), kidney impairment, eating disorders, gout, coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, food allergies, lactose intolerance and weight management. She has excellent communication skills particularly when consulting teenagers and young children.

If you suffer from or are concerned about any of the above conditions, or are struggling with your weight, you can book an appointment online, or call us on (02) 9858 2277 and have peace of mind when you seek expert advice and support from our Eastwood Dietitian.